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Monday, March 20th, 2006
4:18 pm
Very bothersome

I have never witnessed such boorish conduct before last evening. Inuyasha made an unsuccessful attempt to threaten me through AIM.

InuxHatexOsuwari [10:34 PM]: GIMME BACK MY JOURNAL!!!!!!!!1
ThisPerfectBlood [10:34 PM]: No.
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:34 PM]: YES!!!!!!!
ThisPerfectBlood [10:35 PM]: Your approach fails to sway me. Perhaps you would be more successful by asking me properly.
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:36 PM]: GRRRRRRRRRRrrR!!!!!!! $^%@#&$@#$&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:36 PM]: YOU SON OF A
ThisPerfectBlood [10:37 PM]: Be mindful of your language.
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:37 PM]: WHY WON'T MY PASSWORD WORK?!?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:37 PM]: You....You..changed it didn‘t you?!
ThisPerfectBlood [10:38 PM]: I just might post this IM on your journal, and you can never be certain whether children are reading..
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:38 PM]: YOU?! Posting on my LJ?! SHUTUP!! YOURE LYIN!!!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:39 PM]: *looks at the new journal entries* Guh....
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:39 PM]: You...you didn't…
ThisPerfectBlood [10:39 PM]: Oh, but I did.
ThisPerfectBlood [10:40 PM]: Doesn't it feel liberating to know that the human girl you fixate on will know your true feelings?
ThisPerfectBlood [10:41 PM]: You should show some appreciation.
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:41 PM]: I.....I......!!!!!!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:41 PM]: I didn't write those....*choke*
ThisPerfectBlood [10:42 PM]: Didn't you? They were posted as private but I'm considering making them public.
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:42 PM]: You bastard....don't you dare.
ThisPerfectBlood [10:44 PM]: As much as I enjoy these cultured chats of ours, I have other affairs to attend to.
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:44 PM]: Affairs?! How about givin' me my @#$%$@ journal back before I tear ya apart!!!!!!!!!!1
ThisPerfectBlood [10:45 PM]: Farewell.
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:45 PM]: SESSHOMARU!!!!

Honestly...What ever became of more civil approaches, such as, “pretty please with sugar on top?”
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Monday, March 13th, 2006
7:29 pm
Little brother's feelings for a human girl

Oh dear little brother of mine...you’ve been quite busy, haven’t you? I’ll admit that it was amusing to decipher your obtuse and grammatically bankrupt writings…After all, if I hadn’t read them, I wouldn’t have discovered the innumerable entries that blather on about your surreptitious love for a mundane human girl. I gather that you have been withholding these from her, in which case, I will reveal something of yours that I found especially pathetic:

“Nobody better read this!

So we were lookin’ at the stars and Kagome was tellin’ me about all these….uh…consta….constall….Feh! Who gives a care how its spelled!? She was goin’ on about how the stars are supposed to be bears dragons and “dippers”. Well I looked up there and all I saw were a buncha tiny white dots. So I did what I always do.. I called her a freakin’ idiot and then she got all teary eyed, sat me a couple times and ran off. “Well good!” is all I said. She could run home to mommy for all I cared…and I wasn’t plannin’ on apologizing, either. That is, till now...
Now it’s been two days. What the hell is her problem? She said she wasn’t comin’ back, but she always says that and she always does. Anyway, I didn’t mean what I said about her bein’ an idiot. I never mean what I say. And when I see her get all watery-eyed and cry…I get this splitting pain in my chest and I feel like a jerk.
The only reason I call her stupid is…I don’t know. Sometimes when she looks at me and I look at her, I get nervous and say somethin’ stupid like, “What the hell are you lookin’ at?! Got a staring problem?” Or even when we’re about to fight some demon I’ll say something stupid like, “He only wants pretty maidens, so what do you have to worry about?”
Truth is I…I used to think she looked a lot like Kikyo so I was real mean to her at first. Then after that I just started picked on her because I…guess I started liking her more.
Kagome isn’t stupid or ugly or bad at cooking. When she’s away I just sit around waitin’ for her to come back. Truth is, I wanna be with her all the time…
I just wish I’d stop sayin’ the wrong things everytime she’s around me.
Damnit, I’m startin’ to think Shippo’s right. Maybe I am hopeless…


Yes, Inuyasha, you are hopeless. Hopeless and weak-willed.

Although shattering your confidence and uncovering your private writings are "fun", I am afraid this must suffice for now. I am certain to find something even more laughable tomorrow. Until then…

Joyfully exposing you,


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Sunday, March 12th, 2006
9:15 pm
Though I don't endulge myself in laughing, this certainly is laughable.

Honestly, brother. Couldn't you have made your password something other than, "sesshsucks"? That was so achingly predictable. The new password that I have instated is far more clever.

You may be ecstatic to learn that I am no longer coveting our father's sword. I have what I want, and that is your wretched live journal. All of your laughable feelings and dreams....the very things that you wanted to hide from me...I've read them. I know where this foolhardy expedition of yours is taking you and I know every one of your vulnerabilities.

Soon enough, brother...soon enough.

You'll finally get to meet father.

Regards, Sesshomaru

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
11:27 am

Inventor of "math spells", people who try to touch my ears
Circle I Limbo

Idiots, People who piss me off!
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

people with starin' problems
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

"Hobo" or whatever his name is
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Jewel Thiefs
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

"fangirls" who pair me up with *cringes*...Jakotsu, whoever made this damn word spell rosary!!!
Circle VII Burning Sands

That bastard Mister Lee
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Sesshomaru, Naraku
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
12:04 am
IT BURNS!!!!!! @$#@$%#%@
What in the....*blinks* Well what the hell is this place? *leaps off a bus as it comes to a stop in front of the Tokyo Disney theme park enterance* Is this that stupid "Disney Lands castle" place Kagome said she was at? *follows some tourists to a ticket booth*

Ticket vender: "Hello, welcome to Tokyo Disney. Is this your first time visiting?" *looks at Inuyasha strangely* "Do you speak Japanese?" *speaks a little broken english and Inuyasha still looks confused*

Inuyasha: "Eh?" *tries to push through the metal bars without paying*

Ticket vender: "Um, sir...You cant enter the park without a ticket. That will be 6,500 Yen."

Inuyasha: "What! I dont got any of that stupid "yen" stuff!" *sulks* "Those bastards at that Wacknald's place "fired" me!" *bends a metal bar with his bare hands and walks in*

Ticket vender: "Security! Escort this gentleman outside! He didnt pay!"

Inuyasha: "huh?!" *looks to the the left and right to find several buff security guards with mace walk towards him* "Feh! As if a buncha humans as gonna stop me! I'm a demon!" *is about to leap over them when a security guard empties a large bottle of police mace into Inuyasha's eyes*

Sesshomaru: *is still searching for the "rat demon" and hears his brother's screams of anguish. He watches for a while and walks away, looking disinterested* "Will you ever cease being an embarrasement, little brother?"

Inuyasha: "YaAAaaAaaaaAA!!!!! @#$@%$#&$#@!!!!!"

Security guard: *throws Inuyasha out of the park by force* "You're lucky We didnt call the police!" *gives him a kick in his side* "Now beat it!"

*rubs his eyes and stumbles a bit* DAMMIT! THAT STUFF BURNS LIKE FIRE! WHY THE HELL DID THEY HAFTA SPRAY IT IN MY EYES! *walks by the construction site and hears a scream* Huh? What was that? Kagome? *runs towards the voice blindly, running face first into a light post* Dammit! I still cant see because of that fire water! *keeps running towards the scream* Kagome! Hang in there!
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Thursday, September 9th, 2004
4:05 pm
*growls* So the magic box witch wasen't real! I knew it the whole time! Not like I was scared or nothin'...cause I WASEN'T!! *crosses arms*

Eh..Amaya decided to show up on the "seventh day" of watchin' that weird "Ring movie"...and all this weird stuff started happenin':

The magic box witch is comin' for us!?Collapse )


HAHA KAGOME! Soooo funny! Ya had me sOooOoOO Scared! *rolls eyes and mocks Kagome in a girly tone* "OoOoOOooH!!!! Look at me everybody! I'm Kagome! I'm gonna try to trick Inuyasha!!!!" Feh! Ya know what I should do?! I should get her back for doin' that stuff....It'd serve her right!

Anyway, last night Amaya was talking about dressin' me up like a "clown demon" sayin' it was gonna scare Shippo...I was thinkin' about it till she said I'd hafta wear "makeup". *snorts* I ain't a lady so I'm not wearin' that stuff! If she wants somebody to dance around in face paint...GET SESSHOMARU TO DO IT! *folds his arms and looks away stubbornly*

Here's the conversation or whatever if ya wanna know:


No way! I ain't wearin' makeup! I don't care if it'd scare people or not!Collapse )


Ha! We're gonna see who's scared!

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Friday, August 27th, 2004
10:36 pm
The Ring?! What Ring?! *looks around*

*blinks* Kagome made me watch some weird movie called "Ringu" and then the same movie in "english" called "The Ring".....*scratches head* Is that sposed to scare me or somethin'? Feh! So ya mean that by watchin' these movie things that some demon's gonna pop outta the magic box?! *glares at tv* Well I just got done watchin' and nothin happened so far!

*phone rings*

Eh? What in the....*covers ears and yells at phone* SHUTUP!

*phone keeps ringing*

*picks up phone and gets ready to throw it out the window* uh? Theres a noise comin' from it....*puts it to his ear*

Girl's voice: *whispering* Seven Days *hangs up*

Eh....what? *tosses phone* Weird. Well, Kagome has some "pictures" of us she wants to show me...*takes a picture from Kagome and looks at it* What're ya freakin' out for?! It's just a paint.....ing......what the hell?!

Is this some kinda trick someone's playin?! Ya mean to tell me that magic box witch is real?!?! Well I ain't afraid! I'll just slice her with Tetsusaiga if she tries anything! *sits by tv and stares at it, waiting for a demon to crawl out*

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
10:20 pm
As if workin' at "Wacnald's" wasen't bad enough! Now Jakotsu's alive again?!

That Jakotsu bastard talked to me on the computer box.. I thought he was dead?!*shudders* I dunno what his deal is but he creeps me out!

ChasesBoys7362 [9:58 PM]: Inuyasha!
InuxHatexOsuwari [9:58 PM]: *blinks* Eh...hi
ChasesBoys7362 [9:59 PM]: Oh! I read your livejournal! You are so kawaiiiiiiii!
ChasesBoys7362 [9:59 PM]: Did you miss me?
InuxHatexOsuwari [9:59 PM]: *scratches head* Uh..do I know ya?
ChasesBoys7362 [10:00 PM]: You haven't forgotten have you!?
ChasesBoys7362 [10:00 PM]: I'll make you remember!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:00 PM]: Shichinintai...snake sword..
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:01 PM]: *cough* WHA?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:01 PM]: JA...JAKOTSU?!?!?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:01 PM]: but you're....
ChasesBoys7362 [10:01 PM]: dead? Not anymore!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:03 PM]: *chokes*
ChasesBoys7362 [10:03 PM]: yoooohoooooo! Inuyaaaaaaashaaaaaaa!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:03 PM]: I'm out here!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:04 PM]: *looks out window* What?! But...how....
ChasesBoys7362 [10:04 PM]: Ooh! what are all the little * symbols for? are they actions? I want to play!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:04 PM]: *blows him a kiss*
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:04 PM]: *grimaces* CUT THAT OUT!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:05 PM]: *gives him a hug*
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:05 PM]: @$##$@%$@$@!!!!!!!!!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:06 PM]: Quit lyin' ! Ya can't give me a hug if you're down in the yard!!!! And dontcha try it neither!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:08 PM]: But I am giving you a hug! I typed it, didn't I?
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:08 PM]: It don't work that way!!!!!!!!!!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:08 PM]: Awwww Do I have to type something to make it more believable? *walks into room*
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:09 PM]: @%$@%@!!!!!!!!! *knocks ya out window with his fist*
ChasesBoys7362 [10:09 PM]: Ooh! So violent! I like it!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:10 PM]: (okay enough playing )
ChasesBoys7362 [10:10 PM]: Come down here Inuyasha!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:10 PM]: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:11 PM]: *looks behind him* It's nothin' Kagome! Go back to sleep, wouldja?
ChasesBoys7362 [10:11 PM]: Kagome? Who is that?
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:12 PM]: It's none of your damn business who she is!!!!!!!! Stay away from her!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:13 PM]: A woman?! *stamps foot* As usual, a woman is my competition!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:13 PM]: Competion for what?! YOU CREEP ME OUT!
ChasesBoys7362 [10:14 PM]: Goodnight Inuyasha! I'll be seeing you very soon!
InuxHatexOsuwari [10:14 PM]: wha?!

*growls* He better stay the hell away from Kagome!

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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
6:22 pm
Kagome said I hadta get a "job"

Kagome must be outta her mind! First she says she’s goin’ to school for a year! Now I gotta “earn my keep”….Feh! No problem! I’ll just ask her geezer grandfather if I can move boxes n stuff like last time…*Goes to ask him*

Whatdya mean I can’t work at the shrine?!Collapse )

So that didn’t work…What does he mean I “Broke his stuff” and I should go work at “Wacknalds”?! *sulks* I’ll show Kagome I can earn my keep! so maybe I will work at that weird place…

My job at that “Wacknalds“ place Collapse )

So that’s the weird stuff I had to deal with all day….Keh! I’d rather be back in my time working’ in the fields! *sits on sidewalk outside of Wacknald’s, on his lunch break*

Hojo orders Kagome a burger…Who the hell IS this guy?!Collapse )

*Sits on the steps to the shrine and waits for Kagome to come back from school* So that’s my day at that Wacknald’s place…I’m gonna ask Kagome who the heck that weird “Hobo” guy is! And she’s gonna tell me!

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
12:04 am
Tonight’s that damn new moon…*keeps bedroom door locked and leans against it, looking out the window* And of all the nights…why‘d this have to happen now?! *looks down and blushes* GO DOWN DAMMIT!

Eh…I ate a buncha those weird “viagra seed” things…*sweat drop* The magic box told me to try em’…so when I saw some in Kagome’s geezer grandfather’s bathing room…I uh…ate some of em‘. *grimaces* Who in their right mind would wanna eat those weird things anyway?! They didn’t even taste good…at all! *jumps as Kagome pounds on the locked door* DAMN IT KAGOME I TOLDJA TO KEEP AWAY FROM ME!!!! Feh! She never listens! She thinks I want her to stay away cause I’m human…*mutters* Well…in case ya wanna know what happened…*types in laptop* Here ya go:

Why does this stuff gotta happen to me?!Collapse )

So that’s how it happened….*panics as Kagome tries to open the door* Damn it. *looks to open window* Even if I’m human…I’m not gonna let Kagome see me like this…..*looks out window and jumps out*

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
4:59 pm
Damn it...Kagome's got more of that stupid school! Just when she got done with "summer school" she has even more! And this time she says it's gonna be for a year!? *growls* Theres no way we're gonna find any shards if all she does is go to that stupid place all day! I'm bored just sittin' here...*fidgets* I wasen't lonely or nothin', but I just couldn't sit around waiting for her....so I'm back in "Tokee-yo" watching this magic box thing until she comes back. *stares at screen*

What in the heck is viagra? *scratches head* Kagome said these things are "commercials"...but I don't get this one. Is this "viagra" somethin' I need? The people on the magic box are tellin' me to "ask my doctor"...Eh...I'll talk to Kaede about it later. *folds arms as the program comes back on* Feh! I dunno who this "Bruce Lee" thinks he is...I can fight a million times better than him!

*jumps as door opens behind him* Eh? Oh, Kagome's come back. *Yells at her* "About time ya decided to show up! Have fun at your stupid SchoOoOOl?!" Uhh...she's lookin' like she's gonna sit me again...*panics* "Wait a min...." *slams into floor*

@#$@%$#@^%@!!!!!! *pulls face from floor and grimaces* Kagome's sayin' theres a jewel shard nearby...but how in the hells could there be one in this place?! *runs off to find it*

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
1:11 am
We're going back to my time *folds arms*

Think I got this from xenylamine

1. Take your LJ username and replace each letter with the corresponding number (A=1, B=2, etc...). If your name contains numbers, you'll need to convert them to letters first before you can convert to numbers.

9 14 21 25 1 19 8 1 19 12 10

2. Add all of the numbers together to create a kind of super number.


3. Make a note of the first digit of this number, then add the digits of the number together.


4. Find the post of this number in your LJ. If you don't have that many posts, add the digits together again. Keep doing so until the number is smaller than your pathetic number of posts.

Eh..okay. *finds entry*

5. Take the digit you noted in step 3, and count that many words into the post.


6. Use the resulting word in a Google Image Search, and select a picture from the first page.

Uh, okay. *looks*

7. Post the results for us all to see.

What in the seven hells?!

Well, we’re goin’ back through the well tomorrow now that Kagome’s done with that stupid summer school thing she loves so much. Now we can do what’s important…like finding’ the shards! Gotta get em’ before that bastard Naraku does….I’m kinda gonna miss this “Tokee-yo” place, erm…”Tokyo”. Most of all I’m gonna miss driving this iron carriage:

Eh…Kagome’s gonna take a computer thing with her so I’ll still be writin’ in this thing. *folds arms* When I’m not killing demons and getting shards.

Guess I’ll take another one of these quiz things before I go. *looks over at Kagome who’s fast asleep*

Your LJ Perfect Date
LJ Username
Choose a random word
Your Perfect Date sangos_lj
You have dinner at a 5 star restaurant
Afterwards you get drunk
Your date asks you why you're undressing
You say let's get married
Chance you will get lucky - 14%
This quiz by akasha82 - Taken 41072 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

Whaa?! Sango?! *backs away*

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
6:09 pm
*looks around* Kagome ain't gonna see this...
So Miroku and that Sakuronin guy got me drunk. Think I was goin' around and letchering just like that monk. *turns red from embarrasment* Hope Kagome doesn't find out. *crosses arms* And even if she did...I WAS DRUNK ANYWAY! It's not like I knew what I was doin'...*sweatdrop*
MirokuLJ: Are you alright, Inuyasha?
InuxHatexOsuwari: Hey Miroku...*slurs* Teachh me thum of your womanizin', will ya?
MirokuLJ: *chuckles* For you, it's easy.
InuxHatexOsuwari: Lemme go now and try my luck...F**** it.
MirokuLJ: In this land just show 'em your ears.
InuxHatexOsuwari: *falls into tv* Eh...my ears?
sakuronin: *laughs* yeah!
sakuronin: *helps inu into a chair to prevent further damage to the room*
MirokuLJ: Yes, just show them, then look at them and say "Touch them, it is alright.."
InuxHatexOsuwari: *nods* If ya say...so. I ain't grabbin' any butts though. *falls through front doorway*
MirokuLJ: No, if you are lucky they'll grab your's... *chuckles*
InuxHatexOsuwari: *stumbles into street and looks around*
InuxHatexOsuwari: HEY YOU!!!! SEE MY EARS!
MirokuLJ: *chuckes to himself*
MirokuLJ: *walks down next to Inuyasha* Hello ladies... this is my friend Inuyasha. Aren't his ears lovely?
sakuronin: *walks to miroku and inuyasha as well* don't you want to...touch them?
MirokuLJ: *mumbles* I do not think they are interested.
InuxHatexOsuwari: Huh? Course they are!
InuxHatexOsuwari: *falls into girl*
InuxHatexOsuwari: Uh....I don't feel so...good...
sakuronin: *looks to miroku* uhh
InuxHatexOsuwari: *hurls on woman*
sakuronin: *mutters* oh s%@#
sakuronin: you think he might need to leave the womanizing for another day?
MirokuLJ: *blinks in shock* I beg your pardon ladies... we shall now take our leave... *the women run off screaming*
InuxHatexOsuwari: *looks up* UhHh...
MirokuLJ: *helps Inuyasha up to the room...*
InuxHatexOsuwari: Thats...hard work
InuxHatexOsuwari: *falls down*
sakuronin: *gets a very large paper bag* here inuyash...nevermind
InuxHatexOsuwari: Got any more...sake?
sakuronin: uhh...all out...sorry
sakuronin: *glances quickly to miroku*
InuxHatexOsuwari: Damn....*dashes to fishtank*
MirokuLJ: *shrugs*
InuxHatexOsuwari: *vomits*
MirokuLJ: This can't....
sakuronin: o.O
sakuronin: uh...guess i'll buy new fish too
MirokuLJ: *chuckles* Just tell Amaya Inuyasha did it.
InuxHatexOsuwari: *mutters from fishtank* Sess gets the women..*looks over* Miroku's always tryin' and I....
sakuronin: lol, yeah
MirokuLJ: And you are... "trashed"
MirokuLJ: Let us go home Inuyasha...
sakuronin: *nods*
sakuronin: thanks for comin over guys it's been...*laughs*...it's been a blast
InuxHatexOsuwari: Eh..WHO YOU CALLIN TRASH, MONK?!
InuxHatexOsuwari: *falls down and is unconscious*
sakuronin: *laughs* he means you're really dru...
MirokuLJ: nk...
sakuronin: *shrugs*...you need some help luggin him home?
MirokuLJ: *carries Inuyasha out the door* Farewell Saku, thank you...
MirokuLJ: I am alright.. hehe
sakuronin: very well...thanks again, always a pleasure
MirokuLJ: *nods*
MirokuLJ: Goodbye.
sakuronin: goodbye and goodnight *bows drunkenly*

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
7:51 pm
I made a "music Vid-eo"
*sulks* Kagome's gonna finish with her stupid school real soon. Then we can get back to findin' the shards! *taps computer with claws* Eh...I was real bored n stuff so I made a "vid-eo" about Sesshomaru. He really pissed me off when he took my sword *growls* So I made em' dance to this wierd song called "Supermodel".
*falls over laughing* AHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAA!!!!!!!!!
He ain't a Lord...he's a...*cracks up* LADY!

Anyway I made the "vid-eo" thing and if ya wanna see it, send me an "e-mail" to


*grins* And how do ya like my icon? One of my computer box friends helped me make it.


Current Mood: mischievous
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Monday, July 19th, 2004
2:25 pm
I don't care what Miroku says! This "Jail" place ain't fun!
Jail, huh? *sulks* I don’t see what Miroku likes about this stupid place! It’s a cage! *pulls on bars and bites one* And it’s made of…iron like everthing else. Damn it. As if meetin’ Koga and Sesshomaru wasn’t bad enough! Those weird “Police” warriors tried to take my Tetsusaiga but I wouldn’t let em’! Eh…until one of em’ started using that loud thunderstick…erm…”gun”. *folds arms and glares at other prisoner. “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN” AT?!” Feh! This is really startin’ to….piss me off! One of those thundersticks took down Sesshomaru…*ponders* Maybe getting’ one wouldn’t be so bad…

Eh..anyway, this is how I got in this stupid cage….Me, everyone and this weird “Gothic” uh…“American” girl went to this “Sushi” place…*scratches head* Well I ain’t gonna explain it! Just read it if ya wanna know! *sulks in jail cell*


Inuyasha: *fumbles with menu* Eh...what in the hells?!
Souta: *Daydreams as he stares at Maggie*
Inuyasha: *turns menu upside down* Hokkigai....wha?
Kagome's mom: *looks at Inuyasha* Dear, do you know what Sushi is?

Shippo: *fidgets* I can't read it,...

Maggie: I don't think I want any.
Kagome's mom: Why not dear? Have you ever tried it?

Shippo: *grins* Is it candy ?
Maggie: No. But raw fish doesnt seem pleasing to me.
Shippo; *wrinkles nose* Eww,..you mean they don't cook it first?
Inuyasha: *looks at her blankly and hides destroyed menu* Uh... *scratches head* You eat things raw?
Kagome's mom: *chuckles* It isn't that bad. When you are open to trying new things, you find things you like.
Shippo: yuck
Inuyasha: *grimaces and remembers living in the forest eating squirrel* Eh...if you say so...
Shippo: *turns green* Im going to be sick.

MAGGIES DOESNT LIKE RAW FISH (Eh…what’s her problem?)

Kagome's mom: Souta..
Souta: oh..yeah mom?
Kagome's mom: What are you having?
Souta: Norimaki
Maggie: Do they have other things that aren't raw?
Maggie: *looks at the menu*...ok, I'll have teriyaki chicken
Kagome's mom: Have you all decided?
Maggie: how do we use chop sticks anyway?
Kagome's mom: *giggles* you don't have to use chop sticks of you dont want to dear.
Kagome's mom: so what part of the United States are you from?
Maggie: Oregon
Souta: Mom!, you said we could visit another country someday. *Has Oregon in mind*


Inuyasha: *turns to Kagome* So....*lowers voice* Didja notice how the kid keeps starin' at that Maggie girl?
Shippo: *loud as possible* What do you mean Inu Yasha?,..I don't see anything like that!!
Kagome: *covers face with menu* Sssshhh! Do you want Souta to hear? *smiles warmly* I think its cute! Souta has a crush...
Shippo: What's a crush?
Inuyasha and Kagome: *quiet Shippo before anyone hears*
Shippo: *makes muffled sounds in protest*
Kagome: *whispers* Its when a boy likes a girl very much ^^;
Inuyasha: *rolls eyes at Kagome*
Kagome: *resists "sitting" Inuyasha*
Shippo; Oooooooh you mean like how Kouga likes you right?
Kagome: *turns red with embarassment* Well ....Maybe that isn’t a good example…>_<;
Inuyasha: WHAT?!
Shippo: But he does,..
Everyone: *stops talking and stares at Inuyasha*
Souta: O.o *at InuYasha*
Maggie: oookay..
Inuyasha: Uh....What? Can we just eat this weird food already, I'm starvin'!


Inuyasha: *jumps as server asks him what he wants*
Shippo: *laughs at Inuyasha*
Inuyasha: Uh..Jewel...shards?
Maggie: O.o
Maggie: *Whispers to Souta* Did he escape from the nut house?
Kagome: *giggles and nudges Inuyasha hard* She means what do you want to eat.
Souta: *whispers back* no, he's just not from here
Maggie: oh
Maggie: *wonders where InuYasha is from*
Inuyasha: *sweatdrop* Uh...Everything?
Shippo; *jumps up and down* Ooooo I know what I want. I want some Pocky!!
Miroku: *raises an eyebrow and shakes head as Inuyasha orders everything from the menu*
Souta: *shakes head at Shippo* No, you can’t order pocky here. It has to be from the menu


Miroku: *grins lecherously at server woman* Excuse me miss....May I ask you something?
Sango: *glares*
Server woman: Heh...what? *tries to pull hands away*
Maggie: *eyes the juke box and goes to it, putting a few yen in, and choosing Dir En Grey. She comes back and sits down*
Miroku: Will you....bear my child?
Shippo; Hope I don’t grow up like that *shakes head and sweatdrops*
Souta: *scoots in closer to Maggie and whispers to her* usually he asks every woman, just to warn you
Miroku: *looks at group who stares at him* Ah...it was worth the asking. *recieves slap from server as he strokes her butt*
Shippo; *sighs* Baka!
Maggie: Don’t worry. Where I'm from, it's full of perverts
Server woman: What do you want to eat? *thinks: "What a pervert he grabbed my backside when I wasen’t looking"*
Kagome's mom: *just giggles and pours herself some more tea*


Maggie: so, Shippo, right?
Maggie: It’s cute but…What's with the costume? *doesn't know the tail is real*
Shippo: *thinks for a moment* What costume?
Maggie: O.o
Shippo: *blinks at Maggie and scratches head*
Miroku: I will have the...*rubs red handprint on face* The House Special Sashimi with...tuna tataki.
Shippo; Uh,... *looks at Kagome*
Kagome: *whispers* The futomaki makimono is really good. (vegetable, egg rolls)
Server woman: *takes orders and leaves muttering about a certain "pervert"*

SANGO AND MIROKU THEORIZE ON WHAT THE "UNITED STATES" IS: (Feh. It’s a village. Shows what they know!)

Sango: *sips tea and looks at Maggie in her gothic makeup* So, *clears throat* Maggie. Which territory do you reside from?
Maggie: O.o
Souta: She means, where are you from?
Maggie: oh, the United States.
Souta: *asks Sango* Um, you remember the map of the world in Kagome's room, right?
Sango: United...states. *turns to Kagome's mother.* Has Japan united?
Maggie: O.o
Shippo: *cocks head and listens intently*
Maggie: Everyone knows what the United States is!
Souta: It's a country thousands of miles from here
Sango: *turns to Souta* You were saying something about a Map of the world… Has someone reached every corner of it and taken the time to sketch it out?
Maggie: *mutters as if she's annoyed* What a bunch of weirdos!
Souta: no, they go out into space and take pictures
Souta: but before that, they did actually sketch it
Miroku: *interupts* I believe what they are trying to say, Sango, is that there are other countries outside of Japan.
Miroku: I believe the "United States" is a providence of China or the far Western Lands....*muses*
Souta: no it's not
Souta: it's across the pacific ocean
Souta: which is the ocean to the east of us
Inuyasha: *fiddles with menu* Sake? Gimme some of that!
Shippo: Oooo can I have some?
Inuyasha: Sorry, pip squeak. Sake ain’t for little kids! *smirks*
Maggie: sheesh, where are you guys from, the 1500s? *rolls eyes, annoyed*
Miroku: *pats Souta on the head* Now, now...I have done my schooling. I am well aware that if one sails across the sea, he will fall off the earth's edge.
Souta: you cant fall off the earth's edge
Shippo: O.O *at Miroku*
Souta: the earth is round
Inuyasha: What?! Of course ya can! Where else wouldja go if you made it to the edge of the world? *snort*
Maggie: it's common sense, the earth is round.
Kagome: Inuyasha! *looks over* Miroku! I’ve showed you picture books...Remember space? *makes hand gestures* Rocket ships? airplanes?
Souta: remember the pictures that were taken from the moon?
Souta: *tries to convince Miroku* But yes, there are hundreds of countries outside of Japan. I learn about them in Geography class.
Souta: the US just didn’t exist in your time
Kagome: *nods* He's right The Earth is round. America didn’t exist back then! *claps hands and tries to change subject*
Shippo: I believe you Kagome.*smiles up at her*
Kagome: *smiles and thinks aloud* Thank you, Shippo. At least somebody open mind!
Inuyasha: *glare*
*the food comes*

Shippo: Oooo it smells yummy.
Shippo; *sticks tounge out at Inu Yasha*
Inuyasha: *blinks as servers pile food in front of him and fill the table* Ya sure get A LOT of food at this place...*grins*
Kagome: *sighs* You ordered everything from the menu.....
Souta: try some sushi Maggie! please?
Shippo: Youre such a Pig Inu Yasha!
Maggie: eww
Souta: would you for money?
Maggie: no
Inuyasha: *grits teeth and lunges for the kitsune* C'mere YOU!
Kagome: OSUWARI!
Shippo: *cracks up*
Inuyasha: YAAaAAaA!!! *falls back onto floor behind table*
Souta: I'll give you 500 yen if you try the sushi. Just one! *offers tuna roll to Maggie*
Maggie: no. That's only 5 dollars! I'm not stupid!
Maggie: And what just happened with that white haired guy falling down?
Miroku: *smiles at server as she gives him food* Why, thank you miss. *bows*
Sango: *vein pop*
Sango: *pokes octopus* It's..raw.
Souta: *looks at Maggie* How about 5,000 yen? C’mon, you only have to eat one!
Shippo: *gulps and stares at Sango with fear in his eyes. Mutters to Kagome* She's scary when she's angry,...
Maggie: *struggles with her chop sticks*...50 dollars? maybe..let me think about

INUYASHA’S EARS ARE DISCOVERED: (*shrug* Who says I gotta hide em‘ anyway?!)

Inuyasha: *mutters curses as he lifts himself from floor* What was..THAT FOR?! *hat falls off exposing his ears, server walks by and notices…dropping tray*
Shippo: uh oh.
Maggie: O.O
Inuyasha: Uh...
Kagome: *turns white*
Maggie: awwwww how cute!! he has little kitty ears!!
Souta: O.o ! Um, those are dog ears Mag
Souta: it's a ...halloween costume...yeah.
Inuyasha: Kitty? wha? *pulls back as Maggie tweaks them*
Maggie: It’s not Halloween. It's the middle of July.
Souta: > . >
Kagome: Its a...*thinks fast* It's part of a play! *nudges Inuyasha to play along* He's in the drama club! He stays in costume to stay in character!
Maggie: Heh, sorry. My dog loves when i tweak his ears.
Maggie: it's a force of habit. *lets go of ears*
Inuyasha: *rolls eyes as she lets go* Don’t mention it...everybody does that to me. *sulk*
Maggie: oo, what play?
Maggie: O.O Are you doing a spin off from that Broadway, Cats?
Kagome: *pulls hat over Inuyasha's head* Um...Its called ....Inu…Yasha....Dog Demon! Yes! Just like his name....guess he was born for the part. *smiles nervously at Inu who just stares at her*
Inuyasha: What? What play?
Maggie: Oh, sounds interesting
Kagome: *glare*
Maggie: I myself was part of the costume department at my old school. *sits back down*


Souta: Maggie, just try one. It wont kill you. And if it does you can punch me!
Miroku: *reaches to Sango's plate for the octopus*
Maggie: ...ok..fine
*Maggie takes one and puts it in her mouth*
Sango: *stabs him with chopstick* Dont even think about it.
Maggie: O.O *pretending to choke, just to trick Souta*
Souta: O.O
Shippo: O.O *at Miroku and Sango*
Maggie: *chews and swallows, then starts giggling*
Souta: you're evil..
Maggie: :-P
Inuyasha: *inhales sushi like a vaccum* Hey...*speaks with food in mouth* Thid isth preddy good!
Shippo: Pig!
Souta: well?
Maggie: it tastes weird
Inuyasha: *sniffs wasabi* Whats this green stuff?
Inuyasha: *eats entire bowl*
Maggie: O.o
Shippo: Can we have desert?
Inuyasha: Wha....*fans mouth* YUUuuHhhh....this is burnin' my nose!
*Souta pours some lemon soda in InuYasha's tea*
Kagome: Mom, how about we let Maggie try some rice pudding? Please? *begs*
Kagome's mom: ok, we'll have rice pudding
Shippo: *watches Inu squirm*
Inuyasha: *drinks soda and cringes at the bubbles* Ugh. This ain't tea!
Souta: :-D


Sesshomaru: *Sits at table with Rin, not noticing Inuyasha*
Rin: *hums, looking at the menu, wishing she could read*
Sesshomaru: I do not wish to digest human swill.
Rin: Sesshomaru-sama?
Rin: what do you eat?
Sesshomaru: Rin. What sustenance do you wish to obtain?
Rin: *trying to read the menu*
Sesshomaru: I do not ingest human food. *arches brow* Do you need assistance.
Rin: ...s....su..su...
Inuyasha: *sniffs air* Somethin's not right. *stands up*
Rin: :-D
Sesshomaru: Sushi.
Rin: yes
Maggie: O.o
Shippo: What’s wrong Inu Yasha?
Kagome: Inuyasha...sit down *hisses*
Miroku: Is there a demon presence you sense? *lifts staff*
Shippo: *hops up onto Inu Yasha's shoulder and looks around*
Sesshomaru: *senses something in the air and turns around gracefully* Inuyasha.
Shippo: O.O
Maggie: ok, is this a little skit from your play? *to Kagome*
Sesshomaru: Rin. Remain seated.
Shippo: *scampers off Inu Yasha’s shoulder and hides behind Kagome*
Rin: *sat Indian-style and watched*
Inuyasha: Sess...SESSHOMARU! *pulls Tetsusaiga out and slices the transformed blade through a decorative silk tree*
Kagome's mom: *grabs Souta protectively* Kagome, stay back!
Miroku and Sango: *stand and prepare to fight*
Sango: I don’t...I don’t have my weapon..
Rin: *moves under the table*
Shippo; *cowers and makes faces at Rin when she looks at him*
Rin: *sticks her tongue out at him*
Miroku: *looks at people* And I cannot use my windtunel in such a crowded area...
Shippo; *does the same back*
Rin: >.<
Rin: *gets up and gets some sushi from another table and throws it at Shippo*
Sesshomaru: Enough. *dodges Inuyasha's sword* The purity of Tetsusaiga is not intended for such a…maladroit master.
Maggie: O.O *Watching*
Shippo: O.O *grabs some sushi and tosses it at Rin*
Rin: :-P *throws some more at Shippo*
*Maggie stands up*
Inuyasha: S....SHUTUP! *slices a table to cinders and floor breaks open as people scatter*
Maggie: this place is too weird. I'll walk home.
Shippo: *gets beaned by some sushi then tosses more at Rin throws it a lil too off course and watches it soar toward Sesshoumaru*
Rin: O.O *gasps as she falls over from the floor breaking*
Rin: owie!! >.<
Kagomes Grandfather: It is a…a demon! *pulls out sutras* Stand back! *throws wards* Demon Begone!
Maggie: demon…?
Sesshomaru: *narrows eyes as sushi and wards hit his jacket and fall to the floor*
Sesshomaru: How pitiable
Shippo: Yikes!! *runs for it and grabs Rin pulling her away from where the floor split*
Rin: O.O
Maggie: *leaves the restaurant*
Shippo: *blinks at Rin*
Rin: you saved me!! <3
Rin: *hugs him*
Shippo: *blushes*
Sesshomaru: Such audacity. *cracks venom claws and sprints for the old man* Perish.
Kagome: Grampa!
Shippo; Come on we beter get outta here,..
Rin: *turns back to shippo* what's your name?
Inuyasha: *swipes at Sesshomaru* I‘m your enemy not him! IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER! Damn him...he dodged it…
Shippo: Im Shippo,....whats yours?
Rin: I'm Rin *giggles*
*cop cars surround the place and sirens are heard*
Shippo; *giggles* Come on,..*takes Rin outside where theyre safe*
Sesshomaru: Silence. A Hanyou should know his place. *grabs Inuyasha by the throat*
Rin: *gasping*
Rin: wow
Miroku: Kagome! Get everyone out! *runs to aid Inuyasha*
Shippo; *smiles*
Rin: hey lets go on an adventure
Shippo: Okay! *grins* Thinks: “Inuyasha’s so tough…he can handle it by himself..”
Rin: :-D lets pretend we're hunting for treasure!
Inuyasha: *gasps as neck cracks under pressure from Sesshomaru‘s grip* C....Curse you...
Shippo; Okay! *smiles and holds Rin’s hand heading down the street*
Sesshomaru: *casts Inuyasha into wall like a rag doll, dry wall rising in clouds from the impact* Tetsusaiga should not be wielded by such a novice.
Police: Come out with your hands up. We have you surrounded. Surrender peacefully.
Sesshomaru: Idiocy. *walks in front of door* These affairs do not concern you....humans. *lifts arm to use whip of light on police* Begone.
Cop: We will be forced to shoot
Sesshomaru: *remains nonchalant as bullets pierce his skin* What is the meaning of this...
Inuyasha: *crawls from wall as winces* Bastard...
*cars pass Rin and Shippo*
Rin: O.O *pulls Shippo out of the way with her, cuz they were almost hit*
Shippo; O.O woah!! Thanks! That was a close one!
Cop2: That…He can’t be human!
Shippo: Do you remember how to get back, Rin?
Sesshomaru: *recoils as more bullets pierce him* Preposterous. I am…unable to elude such attacks. *glares at Inuyasha* When next we meet, it will be your last...brother. *turns into ball of light and flashes into sky*

INUYASHA GOES TO JAIL (keh. Is that some kinda dungeon? Well it can’t be that bad if Miroku likes it…)

Inuyasha: *lifts arms and stumbles out of rubble*
Police: hands up! Higher! Cuff em'!
agome's mom: *gets out of the van and goes to InuYasha* :-( You poor thing, come on, lets get you back to the house
Inuyasha: *groan* Ya mean I gotta go to that "iron temple" erm…“jail” place that Miroku went to?!
Souta: MOM!!
Cop: out of the way ma'am
Cop: he's under arrest
Police: You have the right to remain SILENT! *cuffs him* You’re in allot of trouble buddy....
Miroku: Ah...Inuyasha will experience the solitude of jail whilst I remain here....lucky beast.
Kagome's mom: This is ridiculous…*As souta pulled her back into the car*
Souta: is he going to go to the dog pound? or jail?
Kagome's mom: Souta!
Kagome: Inuya...*runs forward but is pushed back by officer*
Shippo: Rin,...I think we’re lost,....
Rin: Rin gotted us lost?
Rin: *starts to panic*
Inuyasha: *grins from back of police car* Can I drive the carriage?
Shippo; Don't worry,..Inu Yasha and Kagome will find us.
Rin: *starts to cry*
Shippo: Don't cry, Rin,...if we stay together we'll be okay,.. *gulps*
Rin: *sniffles and takes Shippo's hand, she leads him into the park that was right there and crawls into one of those huge pipe things that playgrounds have*
Shippo: *crawls in as well and sits beside her*
Cop: Shutup back there! *drives Inuyasha to jail house.

And that’s how I got in this stupid cage! *tries to bend bars* If ya read all of thatYa think you could tell me what this “bail” thing is the warriors keep askin’ for? And what the heck is a “phone call“?!

*glares at cell mate again*



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Friday, July 16th, 2004
1:52 am
I drove a metal carriage *grins*
*looks around* Figures. Everyone’s asleep and the moons barely up. Keh. I haven’t slept in the past two nights cause’ of my "talk" with Sesshomaru. *clenches fist* He said he was gonna slay me and take Tetsusaiga….Said he was in that Yokohama place. Kagome’s aunt just brought us back to "Tokee-yo" today.

Anyway here’s what happened the night before:

Me: *Sitting by open window with sword ready*

Kagome: *rubs eyes* "Inu…Yasha…What are you….It’s two in the morning aren’t you getting any sleep?"

Me: *looks out window and ignores her*

Kagome: *pulls his hair so he faces her* "Look at me Inuyasha!"

Well, I didn’t wanna worry her. Sota told me that the weird IM person mighta been someone else. And how in the hells could Sesshomaru get to "Tokee-yo" anway!

Me: "It’s nothing, Kagome. Will ya just go inside?!" *looks at her*

Kagome: *looks concerned by the look of worry on his face* "I…I just wanted to make sure you were alright. Good night, Inuyasha." *walks inside*

We left the next morning. Miroku seemed pretty uh…"cheerful"

Miroku: "Ah, good morning everyone" *walks in hotel room holding newspaper* "Hmm…"Tokyo Gazette…I find this scroll quite odd to say the very least…" *flips through newspaper and shakes head*

Me: "So what is there to be so cheerful about, monk?" *glares from window*

Miroku: "Inuyasha. I did not see you there." *grins lecherously* "I assure you my enlightened look is for a just cause." *looks at young female maid as she walks by* "If you will excuse me…"

Me: *rolls eyes*

We were gonna ride back to Kagome’s hut and I asked if I could drive the metal carriage erm…"Toyota". Kagome was shakin’ her head and actin all scared that I was gonna drive. Feh! I knew what I was doin’ the whole time!

Miroku: "Inuyasha! Mind the stone road! I believe the white lines are mystic boundaries!" *clings to seat as SUV swerves*

Shippo: "WAaAaaaAH! I don’t wanna die!!"

Sango: "Oh…my…." *covers eyes as car swerves into oncoming traffic* "I think I’m going to be ill…"

Me: "Mwahahahaha!!! I like this thing!!!" *pushes foot on gas petal* "Is this as fast as it’s gonna go?" *turns steering wheel back and forth*

Well we made it back "in one piece" as Kagome’s Aunt put it. *sulks* Don’t think she’s gonna let me drive her metal carriage again. Hey it wasn’t my fault! That stupid tree shouldn’t have been growing in my way!

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Monday, July 12th, 2004
1:20 am

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Keh. I was on the magic computer box today and Sesshomaru starts talkin'. Since when did HE have one of these computer things?!

ThisPerfectBlood: Hello brother

Auto response from InuxHatexOsuwari: Feh.

ThisPerfectBlood: Feh indeed
InuxHatexOsuwari returned at 2:30:00 PM.
InuxHatexOsuwari: *growls* Sesshomaru....
ThisPerfectBlood: [arches brow] You seem ill at ease. Perhaps it is because I have located you through the well.
InuxHatexOsuwari: You...*shakes head* I don't believe you!
ThisPerfectBlood: Your refutation is amusing.
ThisPerfectBlood: [looks up at streetsign]
ThisPerfectBlood: Enough. Which passage reveals your location.
ThisPerfectBlood: I find this Yokohama maddening.
InuxHatexOsuwari: Wha?! *strides to window and looks out*
ThisPerfectBlood: Where is Tetsusaiga. This Sesshomaru does not enjoy repeating himself.
InuxHatexOsuwari is away at 2:43:02 PM.
ThisPerfectBlood: ...

Auto response from InuxHatexOsuwari: I'm doin stuff right now!!!

ThisPerfectBlood: I assume you are trying to flee me. You will not escape.
InuxHatexOsuwari returned at 2:54:50 PM.
InuxHatexOsuwari: *growls* SHUTUP!

Auto response from ThisPerfectBlood: I am occupied with affairs that are none of your concern.

InuxHatexOsuwari: I ain't afraid of you!

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Friday, July 9th, 2004
4:51 pm
"Catnip" *laughs and falls over*
*laughs at random objects around room*

Heheheheh! This “catnip” stuff that Miroku gave me is uh……*laughs* Great.
*points to chair and cracks up* Ahahahahahah!!!! Never noticed how funny stuff is….

”Stuff” Whatta funny word!

Uh….Here’s how I got the “catnip”

Miroku: Inuyasha.. I have something for you! I hear it is better than ramen!....." *dangles bag of “catnip” in front of him*

Me: “Eh? Better than ramen, huh?” *Takes bag and sniffs it* “Ugh! What is this stuff?!” *wrinkles nose*

Miroku: “It is something referred to as…”catnip”. I obtained it from a gentlemen on a street corner.” *has a puzzled look* “I am unsure of the effects, but it was rather costly to obtain.”

Me: Catnip?! Do I look like a cat to you? *looks at bag* So what? You want me to eat this stuff? *opens bag and grimaces*

Miroku: “I believe that it is a food. Mayhaps you should prepare some ramen and add it.” *leaves room and smiles*

So that’s how it….*cracks up* That’s how it happened. Hahahahahahahhha!
*falls over* Man I’m really hungry n’ thirsty all of a sudden….

*Laughs at icon*

Ahahahahah!!! Hey...*sniff* wait a minute...THATS NOT FUNNY!

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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
10:34 pm
Eh....I kinda drank some sake at the hotel and alot of stuff got broken...*sweatdrop* Sango and I blamed it on Miroku so now he's back at that weird "jail" place...*shrugs* But judgin' from what he said about the "solitude"....I guess he doesn't mind too much. *feels guilt*

Here's what happened:

InuxHatexOsuwari [6:41 PM]: hey sango
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:41 PM]: its inu
sangoslj [6:41 PM]: Hey
sangoslj [6:41 PM]: I know
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:42 PM]: Eh..so how's it goin'?
sangoslj [6:42 PM]: Alright I suppose
sangoslj [6:43 PM]: What about you? I hope your ego isn't that bruised from the "speedo" Kagome made you wear
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:44 PM]: *mutters*
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:44 PM]: yea she said everybody wore those stupid things!
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:45 PM]: and I didnt see nobody else in one
sangoslj [6:45 PM]: *nod* I was just going to say that
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:45 PM]: *sulks* right now shes mad at me for drinkin sake
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:45 PM]: but im 567!
sangoslj [6:45 PM]: *chuckles*
sangoslj [6:46 PM]: Wait, you had sake and you didn't share with me??
sangoslj [6:46 PM]: *grins*
sangoslj [6:47 PM]: How much did you drink?
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:48 PM]: *hick* she only found one bottle so i gues....
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:48 PM]: three of em?
sangoslj [6:48 PM]: *eyes widen slightly*
sangoslj [6:49 PM]: Well now I can understand why she's a bit upset....
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:49 PM]: Feh! I ain't human ya know!
sangoslj [6:50 PM]: I know, I know but 3 bottles of sake?! You're almost as bad as Miroku!
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:50 PM]: It's gonna take allo mor than that to get me drunk...*falls over*
sangoslj [6:50 PM]: *covers eyes*
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:50 PM]: *slaps forehead*
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:50 PM]: C'mon I'm as bad as Miroku? Or do ya mean that drunken monk master of his
InuxHatexOsuwari [6:51 PM]: *stumbles*
sangoslj [6:51 PM]: ...maybe both....
sangoslj [6:52 PM]: *shakes head slowly*
sangoslj [6:54 PM]: *glances to her lap as kirara mews*
sangoslj [6:56 PM]: Well, hopefully you won't suffer too much of a hangover...
sangoslj [6:57 PM]: ;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 0yl7,
sangoslj [6:57 PM]: *moves kirara off the keyboard*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:01 PM]: *blinks*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:01 PM]: hangover?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:01 PM]: *groans*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:01 PM]: Didnt think of that....
sangoslj [7:01 PM]: *says under her breath* as always...
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:02 PM]: So..howareyo and miroku *attempts to type drunk*
sangoslj [7:03 PM]: Alright. I'm upset with him for getting arrested...and the reason behind it.
sangoslj [7:03 PM]: *sighs* Will he ever stop?
sangoslj [7:05 PM]: What about you and Kagome?
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:06 PM]: She....just..*rubs forehead*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:06 PM]: went to get some food with her aunt...
sangoslj [7:06 PM]: I know, she came in earlier and asked if I wanted to go
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:07 PM]: From what miroku says, that weird "metal temple" place...erm "jail" wasn't that scary
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:07 PM]: They didnt beieve him about his kazzana
sangoslj [7:08 PM]: Well who would in this time?
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:08 PM]: *scratches head* Wonder why they'd just take him away like that? "Yokohama police"..ya think they work for the emperor?
sangoslj [7:08 PM]: *shrugs* I don't know
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:09 PM]: Alright...*blinks* I'm just gonna lay down for a bit....ugh. Not feelin' so good...
sangoslj [7:10 PM]: *nod* You go do that.. Serves you right for drinking 3 bottles of sake...
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:10 PM]: *looks around hotel room* Where's the outhouse?
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:10 PM]: *tries not to hurl*
sangoslj [7:11 PM]: There should be a small room with a "toilet" in it..
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:13 PM]: *looks up from waste basket*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:13 PM]: Eh...never mind...
sangoslj [7:13 PM]: That would work too.....
sangoslj [7:13 PM]: J ust make sure you dispose of it so it doesn't stink up the room
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:14 PM]: *nods and tosses can out window*
sangoslj [7:30 PM]: *winces and looks out of her window* Great job Inuyasha... you just got that guy in the head..*ducks back in the window when the guy looks up*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:38 PM]: huh? *looks down at angry bald guy*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:38 PM]: Calls down: "Eh...sorry!"
sangoslj [7:38 PM]: *laughs*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:38 PM]: hmpf...now he's yellin' some stuff I cant understand
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:38 PM]: *scratches head*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:39 PM]: And he's comin' into the hotel...
sangoslj [7:39 PM]: *gulps*
sangoslj [7:39 PM]: Good going Inuyasha....
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:39 PM]: Feh! I ain't afraid of him!
sangoslj [7:39 PM]: *makes sure her door is locked*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:39 PM]: *grins arrogantly*
sangoslj [7:40 PM]: Remember, you can't do as much here as you can back at home...
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:40 PM]: locked?
sangoslj [7:40 PM]: I don't want him crashing in here when you guys start brawling
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:40 PM]: *perks ears as someone pounds on hotel room door*
sangoslj [7:40 PM]: *glances to the door as she hears the man knock on the door next door* Is that him?
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:41 PM]: He doen't sound...happy
sangoslj [7:41 PM]: Now don't hurt him too much...remember you are the one who got him upset
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:41 PM]: *shrugs*
sangoslj [7:41 PM]: *hears Miroku chuckling behind her*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:41 PM]: *opens door*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:41 PM]: Yells to bald man, exposing fangs: "Ya mind?!"
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:42 PM]: *scratches head* He...looked at me and ran away...
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:42 PM]: *frowns*
sangoslj [7:42 PM]: *sighs*
sangoslj [7:42 PM]: Well at least he's gone....
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:42 PM]: Hey I ain't that scary!
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:42 PM]: humans...
sangoslj [7:42 PM]: *grins*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:43 PM]: *smirks* But he did have that stuff all over him...I got him good.
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:43 PM]: *wrinkles nose*
sangoslj [7:44 PM]: I'm surprised your aim was that good when you're stumbling around
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:44 PM]: well I wasnt aiming for his head
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:44 PM]: *ponders*
sangoslj [7:44 PM]: Sure...
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:45 PM]: *folds arms* Think whatcha want....but why would I wanna dump something like that on some human?
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:45 PM]: Now Koga or Sesshomaru on the other hand...
sangoslj [7:46 PM]: *grins*
sangoslj [7:46 PM]: The result of that would be amusing...
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:47 PM]: *opens mini bar and pouts*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:47 PM]: no more sake....
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:47 PM]: Do..you and miroku have sake in your room?
sangoslj [7:47 PM]: I think you've had enough
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:48 PM]: I'm feelin' better now
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:48 PM]: got any?
sangoslj [7:48 PM]: Let me look..
sangoslj [7:48 PM]: *gets up and looks into the mini bar*
sangoslj [7:49 PM]: You're lucky..there is one more left
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:49 PM]: *nods*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:49 PM]: gonna let me have it?
sangoslj [7:49 PM]: *taps finger to chin and thinks*
sangoslj [7:49 PM]: I don't know... hmmmmm.....
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:50 PM]: C'mon! I ain't gonna beg you
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:50 PM]: *mutters* Please?
sangoslj [7:50 PM]: *gasps* By the gods, did you say Please?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:50 PM]: *averts eyes*
sangoslj [7:51 PM]: *nods* Yes you may have it
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:51 PM]: *runs to knock on Sango's door*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:51 PM]: Thanks Sango
sangoslj [7:51 PM]: *opens it* No problem
sangoslj [7:51 PM]: *hands him the bottle*
sangoslj [7:52 PM]: With what Kagome did to you with the speedo... I dont blame you
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:52 PM]: *takes bottle and nods*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:52 PM]: I saw two other guys wearin em' but I think they were.....*grimaces*
sangoslj [7:52 PM]: *shudders*
sangoslj [7:53 PM]: Like Jakotsu?
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:53 PM]: *casually looks into room behind you*
sangoslj [7:53 PM]: *motions into the room* You can come in
sangoslj [7:53 PM]: *steps back from the door*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:53 PM]: So whatcha up to...you and Miroku?
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:54 PM]: *walks in*
sangoslj [7:54 PM]: *glances to the bed* He's passed out at the moment..
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:54 PM]: sake?
sangoslj [7:54 PM]: *walks over to her chair and sits*
sangoslj [7:54 PM]: *nods* Yep, that's why I said you were lucky there was one bottle left
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:55 PM]: *walks over to tv and taps it*
sangoslj [7:55 PM]: *raises a brow*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:55 PM]: Didja figure out how to work this magic box thing?
sangoslj [7:56 PM]: Yep, with a little help from Kagome
sangoslj [7:56 PM]: Not that hard really..
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:56 PM]: *clicks screen with claws* So there aren't a buncha people trapped in this thing, huh?
sangoslj [7:56 PM]: *shakes her head*
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:57 PM]: *pushes random buttons and jumps when tv lights up*
sangoslj [7:58 PM]: *jumps at the sudden noise of the tv*
sangoslj [7:58 PM]: *grabs the "remote" and presses the 'mute' button"
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:59 PM]: *holds ears* Whats this "Cover girl" and why should I "feel breezy"?!
sangoslj [7:59 PM]: I don't think that message would apply to you.....
InuxHatexOsuwari [7:59 PM]: *releases ears when sounds stops*
sangoslj [8:00 PM]: *changes the channel*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:00 PM]: huh?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:00 PM]: *looks at tv*
sangoslj [8:00 PM]: *presses the remote button and changes it again*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:00 PM]: That...demon thing is chasin' that woman
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:00 PM]: *blinks*
sangoslj [8:00 PM]: *raises a brow and changes it back*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:01 PM]: *reaches for tetsusaiga*
sangoslj [8:01 PM]: Inuyasha.....
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:01 PM]: What in the hells is that thing?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:01 PM]: It's gonna eat those kids...
sangoslj [8:01 PM]: I'm sure it isn't real, Inuyasha
sangoslj [8:01 PM]: *shakes head and changes the channel to some cartoon*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:02 PM]: wha? Sailor....moon.
sangoslj [8:02 PM]: *blinks as she watches the tv*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:02 PM]: These...are paintings?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:02 PM]: They're....alive...
sangoslj [8:02 PM]: Kagome told me that this was a cartoon..
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:02 PM]: cartoon?
sangoslj [8:02 PM]: *shrugs*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:03 PM]: *sits and spaces out watching it*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:03 PM]: *drinks sake*
sangoslj [8:03 PM]: *chuckles* just like Sota.....only minus the sake....
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:04 PM]: huh...eh? Sota watches this wierd stuff?
sangoslj [8:04 PM]: Well I don't know if he watches this particular show, but I've seen him space out infront of the magic box watching something simular
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:05 PM]: mind control.....
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:05 PM]: just like Miroku said...
sangoslj [8:05 PM]: Maybe..
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:05 PM]: Can I....uh...control the magic box?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:06 PM]: *looks at remote*
sangoslj [8:06 PM]: *nods and hands Inuyasha the remote*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:06 PM]: *sniff* Whats this thing made of? It ain't wood or iron...
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:07 PM]: *pushes button*
sangoslj [8:07 PM]: something Kagome calls "plastic"
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:07 PM]: Volume?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:07 PM]: *pushes button faster*
sangoslj [8:07 PM]: *points to two buttons* that's the volume....
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:07 PM]: OWW
sangoslj [8:07 PM]: *winces and holds ears* Too loud!
sangoslj [8:07 PM]: Turn it down!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:07 PM]: huh?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:08 PM]: *hits remote*
sangoslj [8:08 PM]: *jumps out of the chair and grabs the remote*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:08 PM]: *bites it*
sangoslj [8:08 PM]: Hey!
sangoslj [8:08 PM]: *pushes the volume button*
sangoslj [8:08 PM]: It's not working!!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:08 PM]: Wha?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:08 PM]: *goes up to box*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:09 PM]: STOP BEIN LOUD!!!!!!!!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:09 PM]: *punches through screen*
sangoslj [8:09 PM]: Great...*looks at the broken tv*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:10 PM]: *sweatdrop*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:10 PM]: I think....I'll go see if Kagome's back....
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:10 PM]: *backs out of room*
sangoslj [8:10 PM]: *glares*
sangoslj [8:10 PM]: And leave me with the mess?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:11 PM]: Uhhh....whatdya want me to do?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:11 PM]: *looks at tv nervously*
sangoslj [8:11 PM]: *walks up to Inuyasha and pokes him in the chest* Do Something!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:12 PM]: Ya think Kagome would get mad?
sangoslj [8:12 PM]: What she won't know won't hurt her...
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:12 PM]: *nods*
sangoslj [8:12 PM]: *Glances around the room and then looks out in the hallway* I've got an idea
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:12 PM]: *walks over to tv and throws it out window*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:12 PM]: whats the idea?
sangoslj [8:12 PM]: *blinks* well..... um...not that
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:13 PM]: *looks down*
sangoslj [8:13 PM]: *smacks forehead*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:13 PM]: It hit bald man's iron carriage thing
sangoslj [8:13 PM]: *eyes widen* What?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:13 PM]: *shuts window*
sangoslj [8:13 PM]: *quickly shuts the door*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:13 PM]: Heh...why dont we uh...*thinks*
sangoslj [8:14 PM]: Blame Miroku?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:14 PM]: get some sorceror or priest to make us another magic box?
sangoslj [8:14 PM]: Won't work..
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:14 PM]: *looks at Miroku*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:14 PM]: Yeah lets blame him!
sangoslj [8:14 PM]: *nods* Say he did it in a druken stuper...
sangoslj [8:14 PM]: *looks to the remote with bite marks* Um....
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:15 PM]: Feh! Just say I bit it while tryin to stop em'!
sangoslj [8:16 PM]: Agreed.
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:16 PM]: *walks over to door as someone pounds on it*
sangoslj [8:16 PM]: *hisses* Wait!!
sangoslj [8:16 PM]: *runs over and grabs the back of Inuyasha's shirt*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:16 PM]: Will this guy just give up already?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:17 PM]: Eh?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:17 PM]: Wait?! What for?
sangoslj [8:17 PM]: *glances to the door nervously*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:17 PM]: I'm much stronger than this clown!
sangoslj [8:18 PM]: *walks over to the door and peers out of the little glass hole*
sangoslj [8:18 PM]: *bites lip and steps back* That's him alright...doesn't look too thrilled
sangoslj [8:20 PM]: *glances to the phone as it starts ringing* uh oh...
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:22 PM]: *walks over to phone*
sangoslj [8:22 PM]: Maybe it's Kagome
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:22 PM]: What is this thing? *picks it up*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:22 PM]: Some guy's yellin'?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:22 PM]: He's inside this thing?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:22 PM]: *listens*
sangoslj [8:23 PM]: *walks over to inuyasha and leans up to listen*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:23 PM]: *growls*
sangoslj [8:23 PM]: *takes the phone from Inuyasha*
sangoslj [8:23 PM]: *hangs it up*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:23 PM]: Hey...what'd ya do?
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:24 PM]: some guy was in that thing callin me names
sangoslj [8:24 PM]: I know, I heard him too.
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:24 PM]: *looks over at door*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:24 PM]: So someone's knockin' again
sangoslj [8:24 PM]: The last thing we need is for you to go after this man and cause trouble
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:24 PM]: Whatcha wanna do?
sangoslj [8:25 PM]: *walks over to the door and puts her ear to it*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:25 PM]: hear anything?
sangoslj [8:25 PM]: *shakes head*
sangoslj [8:25 PM]: *looks in the little glass hole*
sangoslj [8:26 PM]: uh oh...
sangoslj [8:26 PM]: *turns her head and looks to inuyasha* it's one of the staff!
sangoslj [8:27 PM]: *steps back from the door*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:27 PM]: Should we uh...let him in?!
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:27 PM]: *panics*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:28 PM]: Ok Sango, lemme handle this...
sangoslj [8:28 PM]: *nods and steps back*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:28 PM]: *opens door*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:28 PM]: Screams: "What do you want!"
sangoslj [8:29 PM]: *looks around Inuyasha to see a man, a head shorter than Inuyasha standing in the door way*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:29 PM]: *listens to timid hotel worker talk about a tv mysteriously falling out of a window and a vomit incident earlier*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:30 PM]: "Uh...you think it was us?" *shrugs nervously*
sangoslj [8:33 PM]: *looks to the hotel worker* It was most likely the room down the hall.. I did hear alot of yelling down there....
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:35 PM]: *looks behind hotel worker to see a policeman, Kagome and her Aunt*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:36 PM]: "Gah!" *thinks of dreaded "S" word*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:36 PM]: "It was….." *points* "Miroku!"
sangoslj [8:36 PM]: *nods and points to the drunken passed out monk on the bed*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:36 PM]: *Miroku wakes up slightly and rubs his forehead*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:36 PM]: *Policeman enters the room and carries him off*
sangoslj [8:36 PM]: *eyes widen*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:36 PM]: *Miroku nods sleepily and says "Back to the Iron temple? Ah…more solitude."*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:37 PM]: *sweatdrop*
sangoslj [8:37 PM]: *sweatdrops also*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:37 PM]: He's goin' back to that weird jail place?
sangoslj [8:38 PM]: *policemen nods*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:38 PM]: *whistles innocently as Kagome enters room and asks about tv*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:38 PM]: *finishes sake*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:38 PM]: *tosses bottle*
sangoslj [8:38 PM]: *glares and hisses in his ear* Thanks for leaving some for me......
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:38 PM]: *gulp*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:39 PM]: *whispers* You're..welcome?
sangoslj [8:39 PM]: *narrows eyes*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:40 PM]: *looks at kagome and sango glaring at him*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:40 PM]: *Kagome says: "What happened here?"*
sangoslj [8:40 PM]: Miroku broke the magic box in a drunken stupor...
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:40 PM]: *backs slowly out of room*
sangoslj [8:40 PM]: *grabs inuyasha's shirt*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:40 PM]: "I...I didn't see nothin'.....
sangoslj [8:40 PM]: *whispers* don't even think about getting outa this one....
sangoslj [8:41 PM]: *smiles innocently at Kagome*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:41 PM]: *swallows nervously*
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:42 PM]: "He...Miroku just....It was Miroku!"
InuxHatexOsuwari [8:43 PM]: *Kagome walks up and smells Inuyasha's breath, says: "Have you been drinking?!"*

Current Mood: drunk
14 did make me forget
Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
11:44 am
*swallows nervously at speedo*

What in the seven hells is this thing?! I don’t care what Kagome says! There’s no way I’m puttin’ on this little red “Speedo” thing!

Uh…Kagome’s aunt Takara picked us up to take us to some weird city. She said we needed a…”vacation” or whatever the heck that means. *scratches head* Right now I’m stuck inside this weird little changing room with this stupid speedo thing. *sulks* How am I sposed to fit into that?!

Here’s what happened just so ya know:

Miroku and Me are sittin’ downstairs playin’ Soul Caliber 2.

Me: “See this, monk?” *flicks controller* “I’ve been practicing!”

Miroku: *toggles joystick* “We will see.”

Shippo: *nibbling on pocky* “Geez Miroku just beat him already…It was easy enough for me n Sota…” *thinks* “Oh yeah, and Kagome and Sango beat him too.”

Me: “Shut up kitsune!” *concentrates*

Sango and Kagome walk downstairs in some weird “Tokee-yo” clothes

Kagome: “Inuyasha! What are you doing? You’re supposed to be getting ready to leave with us!” *hands beach tote to Sango and walks over*

Me: *clicks buttons furiously with claws* “Will ya shut up already?! I’m busy!” *corner’s Miroku’s warrior and prepares to defeat him* “Gotcha monk! There’s no escape!”

Kagome: *walks over to power cord and pulls it out*

Miroku and Inuyasha *jaws drop as tv screen goes black* “Kagome?!”

Me: “You…” *twitch* “Why did you…” *visualizes strangling her*

Kagome: “Sit Boy!”


Me: *mumbles from floor* “ But….I was gonna….WIN!”

(door bell rings three times)

Kagome: “Oh! It’s my aunt!”

Miroku: *looks over at Sango and her short skirt* “I am oblivious as to where Kagome wishes to take us.”

Sango: *holding Kirara* “I’ve never heard of it before….Kagome mentioned something about vacationing with her Aunt in “Yokohama” for a few days….and visiting the beaches in “Kamakura”…” *looks away in thought* “It might be fun to go.”

Miroku: *looks at Sango’s butt and reaches for it* “Agreed…mayhaps we will enjoy ourselves….”


Kagome’s Aunt Takara: “Oh! What interesting...friends you have, kagome.” *walks over to counter and scribbles on notepad* “I’ll write your mother a quick note and then we can leave for the hotel.”

Konichiwa sister!

As promised, I have taken Kagome and her friends over to Yokohama for a holiday. Today we will visit Kamakura and the beaches over there, I’m sure they all will enjoy it.
I will call you when we reach the hotel.

Ja mata,



Anyway…that’s how it went. Kagome’s Aunt Takara let us ride in her iron carriage. I actually kinda liked it…I stuck my head outta the window until Kagome started yellin’ at me for it. *sulks* And it’s her fault I didn’t win at that damn video game thing! Pullin’ the magic box’s tail out just when I’m about to win…*mutters*

Right now I’m at that place where the ocean meets the shore…all these wierdos in kagome’s land call it the “beach”. *sweats* Ugh…It’s too hot out here to wear my haori. *looks nervously at speedo* But I ain’t putting on that stupid little thing….NO WAY! *perks up ears* I just heard another slapping noise…guess Miroku’s at it again. *shakes head* With all the weird tiny suits these women are wearin’…that lecher must be in paradise. Kagome’s wearin’ one of those things, too. *blushes* But I wasn’t looking at her if that’s what you’re thinking! *looks over at speedo again* Kagome… I’m never gonna forgive you for this…

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9 did make me forget
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
12:18 am
*backs away slowly*

plaguesme smokes "special cigarettes" right behind jainasia's back!
inuyashas_lj performed a "sexual act" upon nyliramllessur in a public toilet!
hellbelle became turned on by the Power Rangers movie...
plaguesme found bondage equipment under eekers1120's bed!
hellbelle keeps a Gibbon in their cupboard, which they beat when stressed!
hellbelle regularly purchases orphaned children to work in their copper mines!

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
12:32 pm
Got this thing from xenylamine
So um...fill it out if you want to...*shrugs*

Inuyasha is _______.
Inuyasha thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of Inuyasha, I think of ________.
I want Inuyasha to ________ me.
Inuyasha wants ______.
Inuyasha needs ______.
If I could describe Inuyasha in a few words: _______.
______ is how I describe meeting Inuyasha.
Inuyasha will never ______.
Inuyasha can ______ my _______.
If I were alone in a room with Inuyasha, I would _______.
I hope Inuyasha never _____.
I _____ Inuyasha because _______.
Worst thing about Inuyasha is _______.
Best thing about Inuyasha is _______.
I am ______ with Inuyasha.

Eh...Use the "underline tag" when inserting stuff.


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Monday, June 28th, 2004
1:43 am
pssst! This is Shippo :D
Geez its about time Inuyasha fell asleap!
And he left his jernal on too...*reeds*
Sheeesh! He still didnt tell Kagome how he feals about her?! *slaps forehead*
Inuyasha's so...grrr! Kagome n him are fighting again cuz he said somthing stupid, like shes not prettie or somthing. *clenches litle fists* He makes me sooooo mad!! That big jerk! Why i outta...*smiles* I outta do somthing about it...
I'll come up with a plan that'll make him admitt how he feals to KagomE...*schemes*

GAaAH! Inuyasha just rolled over on my foot! OWwwWwwww *tugs at leg*
Well I guess I'll go now...(pssst! and that plans gonna work, I just knoe it!)

ShiPpo :)

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Sunday, June 27th, 2004
11:25 pm
*scratches head* Guess thats pretty true...
You are Oriental Noodles!
You are Oriental Ramen! You are the more exotic and
uncommon type of person, often isolated or
crowded upon because you are so much different
from everyone else. Sometimes you see yourself
as a social outcast, though you're really not.
You are quite good at many things, though they
might not be especially useful in life, but at
least they're amusing and fun. You are quite
the interesting person to have around.

What Flavor of Ramen Noodles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Saturday, June 26th, 2004
9:56 pm
So now we're all here....*folds arms*
*bashes screen with fists*

Stupid computer thing! *pouts* Yeah Kagome's "inter-net" box stopped workin for a while....and while that was goin on I showed Miroku the ropes to livin in Kagome's strange "Tokee-yo" time...Kagome and I brought em' through the well and besides Shippo annoyin the crap outta me...here's what happened since we came back.

Sango: *stepping out of well* "Have we...made it?" *looks around*

Miroku: "So it would appear..." *taps wood* "Ah. There is a small shrine above the well...."

Me: "Well are you people just gonna stand there?!" *slides open door* "C'mon already!"

Kagome: *sets Shippo down* "Don't mind Inuyasha, Miroku... Here...its kinda dark outside so you and Sango just follow me to the house...okay?"

Sango: *walks around yard* "Kagome...you....You live here? In this shrine?"

Kagome: *fumbles with back door* "Oh...yes! The Higura shrine was built by my ancestors generations ago!" *frowns in the dark* "Oh! The back door must have locked behind me!" *pretends not to notice Inuyasha glaring at her* "We'll have to go around the front.....Everyone follow me!"

*Sango, Miroku Shippo and kirara follow Kagome while I run ahead*

Miroku: *steps on driveway* "This ground! It is.....made of stone!" *raps staff on cement*

Kagome: *pulls note from door* "The door is locked! But...theres a note someone left.." *strains eyes to read*

Me: "GIMME THAT!" *snatches note* "Your human eyes can't read in the dark!"

Shippo: *whispering to Kagome* "Geez whatta control freak....."

Me: "Hey! Shutup!" *glares before reading paper* "Erm...It says.....uhhhhh....'Grandpa and ...I went...to pick up....Sota from....Satoru's sleepover...will be home....shortly....Love Mom.' " *scratches head* "Hey Kagome what the hell is a 'sleepover'?!"

Shippo: *whispering to Kagome again* "Took him long enough to read it...sheesh!"

Me: "WHY YOU LITTLE..........." *lunges forward*

Shippo: "Yaaa! Leave me alone ya big bully, I was kidding!" *runs across driveway*

*I chase the little runt when two bright fireless lanterns blind me*

Sango: "What.....What are those?!" *stares at oncoming lights and readies weapon*

Kagome: "They're HEADLIGHTS! Inuyasha! Shippo! Get out of the road!" *runs after them*

Miroku: *runs forward and grips rosary* "Those are....eyes?! Lady Kagome! Get out of the way! I will use my windtunnel against this beast!"

Kagome: "No! It isnt a demon! Don't do it Miroku!" *exhales in relief when Inuyasha and Shippo jump out of the car's way*

Miroku: *blinks in amazement as car pulls into driveway* "Its....not a demon?!" *lowers hand*

Sango: "It certainly roars like a demon!" *covers ears*

*car stops in driveway and doors open*

Kagome's Mother: "Oh my...I almost hit you on the road back there...are you alright?!" *walks over to Inuyasha and Shippo*

Sota: *climbs out of car and rubs eyes* "Whoa....Kagome! They're wearin those wierd lookin clothes...does that mean.." *jaw drops* "You brought them all back from the feudal era?!"

Kagome: "well uh...." *laughs nervously at the looks from her family* "Thats right!"

Sota: *runs out of car and pokes Shippo on the head* "Cooooooool! Can I keep him?!"

Shippo: *crosses little arms and frowns* "I'm a fox notta pet!"

Kagome's Grandpa: "How surprising! The history you all must have seen!" *runs out of car and shakes Miroku's hand violently* "You must tell me all about the Sengoku period! Stay in the shrine as long as you like!" *toothless grin*

Miroku: "I...." *sweatdrop* "I thank you for your generous offer...." *pries hand out of hand shake*

Kagome's Mother: "Kagome....your friends may stay here as long as they like." *smiles* "And dinner will be ready shortly..." *unlocks front door with spare key*

Kagome: *sweatdrops* "I forgot there was a spare key...heh heh..."

Me: "Well what are we all just standin out here for?!" *follows Kagome's family in the house with a leap*

Sango: "Looks like we're staying with Kagome for a while, Kirara." *pet's Kirara and walks in shrine cautiously*

Miroku: *sheilds eyes from electric lights* "This will certainly require some getting used to..." *jumps as Sota turns on TV*

Kagome: *grabs Sango's hand and pulls her up stairs* "There's so much I want to show you Sango! I have a pair of pajamas that you can borrow and oh....would you like to sign my yearbook?"

Sango: *still holding Kirara with other arm* "Year...book?"

****About three hours later****

Sota: *sitting in livingroom playing Soul Caliber 2* "Hey you've got alot better at playing video games Inuyasha...You been practicing or something?"

Me: *flicks controller and grins* "Whaddya mean practicing? Who needs practice when you're as good as me!"

Miroku: "Amazing..." *stares at TV* "A game of fighting in which one controls the warriors from outside the magic box's force field..." *jaw drops* "Inuyasha...I wish to try this for myself!"

Me: *pulls controller up* "I aint finished with it yet, monk!"

Miroku: *reaches for controller* "When will I have a turn at it?"

Shippo: *mutters* "Inuyasha's just a sore loser...Kagome told me! He just doesn't wanna play someone else cause he's afraid he might lose..."

Me: "WHAT?!" *tosses Sota's controller at Shippo* "Let's see how good you play, runt!"

Shippo: *cracks knuckles* "Okay then but I don't how good I'm gonna be..."

*****2 mineuts later******

Shippo: "So when ya fall down that means I win....right?" *lowers controller*

Me: "First Kagome...now....Shippo?!" *falls over*

Miroku: *nods in thought* "Mayhaps you need more practice, Inuyasha..."

So thats what happened the first night they got here...*folds arms* Tomorrow Kagome's gonna take Sango back to that dungeon er..."mall" and show Miroku where she studies the seasons...erm...."summer school" *sniffs air* Till' then I think I'll....*licks lips*....See what kinda ramen they're eatin downstairs....


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